So long as we are in conflict with the body, we cannot have peace of mind.
— George Feuerstein

In addition to teaching MBCT and MBSR courses, Cecilia is pleased to offer Mindful Movement courses and workshops that comprise a dedicated space in which to meet a number of different physical practices designed to complement and further a sitting practice.  

Focusing on the breath and body, mindful movement offers both a natural starting point and a natural progression for anyone interested in practicing mindfulness.  

Life is movement. The more life there is, the more flexibility there is. The more fluid you are, the more you are alive.
— Arnaud Desjardins

Having trained as a teacher of Yin yoga, Cecilia brings to her teaching a deep understanding of the anatomical, physiological and energetic components of mindfulness practice.

Her approach is suitable for all:  the practice is, above all, gentle and respectful of our limitations (whatever they might be).  In order to be able to offer you appropriate adjustments, please be sure to let Cecilia know if you have any specific needs or concerns that might affect your practice.  

If you are kind to your body it will respond in an incredible way.
— Vanda Scaravelli