Feedback received from participants of 'Getting Mindful' - an introductory weekend workshop:

"I had a very positive experience; Cecilia did a really, really good job."

"I was practising my new awareness, sitting and breathing this morning. Look at me go?!"

 "I am now re-reading through all the excellent handout material you gave us slowly and mindfully, as I hope to integrate what we looked at where I most need it: in my daily life."

"Thank you for such a truly inspirational and literally life changing weekend:  I wanted to find a bridge between my cushion and the world, and I definitely laid some foundations during the weekend.

 "Thanks for sharing your abundance of wisdom with us.  I am doing more mindful eating, and I have fallen in love with the 3 minute breathing space.  I walked up the stairs at the Life Centre before a yoga class this week and, for the first time, really experienced the texture and the colour of the carpet.  There have been many other examples, but that one was particularly salient..."

"Cecilia's teaching style was incredibly generous, confident and expansive.  It was a pleasure to be in such a great group."


Feedback received from participants of recent 8 week MBCT programmes:

"It was important for me to experience mindfulness in real time, and to understand it in a way that cannot be understood from reading a book."

"As a result of doing this course...  I appreciate my life, my emotions and my body more than I ever have done." 

"I can now observe my thoughts without getting caught up and overwhelmed and reacting in a rigid way."

"The program has supported me through a very difficult period in my life.  I have been able to maintain a grounded and observant space from which to make difficult decisions and manage extreme emotions that have been aroused during this time."

"I found the course to be realistic and non-pretentious.  Cecilia gave sound and clear instructions and explanations for everything we were invited to do.  I left each session reflecting on what I had learnt, and how I might use it."

"The program has been eye-opening.  I have learnt a lot about myself, my reactions to situations, and my (negative) thought patterns.  I have also learnt tools to apply to the real world."

"I was hoping to learn how to be 'still' and not always (re)act on automatic pilot.  What I actually learnt was far more profound:  I have learnt how to experience this moment and how to accept the present no matter how imperfect it might be."

"Life changing."